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Navigate the Property Market as a Dog Owner

Eric Hatch
Oct 5 4 minutes read

Whether you’ve got a feisty little terrier or a handsome old husky, this is going to be a nerve-wracking move for your beloved pet, too. Their doggy sense tells them that something’s afoot, and you’ve got keep them calm throughout the process while paying attention to the proper etiquette when buying and selling a house as a proud dog owner. Here are some suggestions to ensure you take care of business successfully while looking after your four-legged friend.

Get Rid of Odors

You want to show off the best features of your house to buyers, and that means a fresh scent emanating from all the rooms. Smaller items bearing a bit of musk can go into the washing machine, but you’ll need a different approach for carpets and furniture. Cleanipedia recommends using a healthy dose of baking soda. Of course, you could always turn to the professionals. The average price to eliminate pet dander and deep clean a house is between $116 and $300 in Auburn, California. That’ll get rid of all the stray hairs and odors.

Clean Up for the Staging

Staging refers to the practice of decorating your home and arranging furniture to appeal to visitors at your open house. While the deep cleaning mentioned above is a major part of it, there are other measures to take when you have a dog. These include hiding any toys, leashes, crates and bedding. Also, take a tour of the lawn to clean up any “accidents” that may distract buyers from the lush, green landscape you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Keep Them Away for Visits

Even animal-loving visitors want to imagine what it would be like in the house with their own pets. It’s best to find a nice place for your dog to stay while showing off your property and there are plenty of options. A friend or relative could take the bundle of fur off your hands, but make sure they have the right instructions for proper care. Kennels are another option as are higher-end dog hotels, where your pooch is treated like a princess.

Now for the rules on the buying side of things.

Leave Them at Home

The general rule of thumb: Don’t take the critter along with you while visiting potential new homes. According to the pet experts at Tractive, dogs over 18 months old can be left alone for up to six hours at a time, but that falls to two hours for puppies. Any longer and they may develop bad habits including scratching and chewing on your furniture. If you’re planning to be away for an extended period, have your four-legged friend looked after or take them to the kennel.

Alert the Owners

Some owners may be welcoming, but it’s better to ask in advance to avoid any problems, especially considering the prevalence of pet allergies. If you come across an open house while walking your dog, ask the owner if it’s acceptable to bring your pooch inside. If not, take them home and come back later.

Keep Them Cozy for the Move

When the movers are coming to load up the furniture and boxes, keep the dog out of the way for the animal’s sake and humans. The best solution to calm everyone’s nerves is to let the pooch pass their time in their own little doggy space. Make sure they have enough to eat and drink as well as some toys for fun. The room should also be free of anything dangerous like cleaning supplies or poisonous plants.

If your four-legged friend is looking nervous at any point during this stressful transition, there are two easy ways to put them at ease: treats and belly rubs. Use them wisely, and your dog will fall in love with their new home as badly as you.

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